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Making Dreams Come True

Obsessed with my family. Addicted to coffee.  Always looking for ways to decorate.  Obsess with all shades of pink.  No one gets as excited as I do when it's time to plan your next event.


Here's a little about me:


The company was founded by Patrina.  She loved helping family members with weddings, designs and events and one day decided to turn her passion into her profession and she kept growing from there.  P&T Party Planners is a first-class event planning company focusing in the production of sophisticated and extravagant weddings, over the top parties,  baby showers, family reunions  and well organized corporate events.  With years of experience, Patrina has gathered a productiveness-widespread reputation for accomplishing stunning results in the accomplishment and administration of outstanding high-end weddings and special events.


Patrina’s background in event planning and design has provided her with an exceptional set of credentials and experience, making her one of the most pursued wedding planners in this industry.


No matter how luxurious an occasion or informal a gathering, Patrina loves encouraging her clients to indulge in the celebrations of their dreams.  Patrina’s sharp eye can raise the look and feel of any event to a level that is exceptionally unforgettable and undeniably stunning.  She really makes dreams come true!

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